Vacuum Comb Anti Lice

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Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment

Anti Lice Machine is a revolutionary device that incorporates combing and vacuuming to remove lice and eggs. The combination unit has stainless steel teeth with gentle rounded edges and two adjustable chamber angles. Anti Lice Comb removes head lice and eggs from the hair and captures them with the patented Capture Filter. After treatment, remove the collection filter, cover it and discard it hygienically.


  • Excellent value for money
  • High quality Product
  • Eliminate head lice and eggs
  • Chemical free head lice treatment
  • Disposable Head Lice Capture Filter
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Rounded Stainless Steel Teeth with Adjustable Combing Angles
  • LED-illuminated filter unit
  • AC-powered device
  • Storage temperature -25C to 70C

The package contains:
Anti Lice Machine
2 x Disposable Capture Filters
Cleaning Brush


  • 2-3 days required for delivery time
  • 7 days checking warranty
  • Exchange / Replacements will be processed in 7 days
  • Free Delivery


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