Selfie Ring LED Light

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As a selfie, you’re probably still worried about these issues:

– The photo is not bright enough when you shoot in back-light.

– Your friends can’t see you clearly in these interesting everyday snapshots.

– It’s useless to have your smartphone in low light even when you have the sexiest makeup.

=> With   this Self-Calibration Lamp , you will be able to take care of yourself in dark areas or whenever there is not enough natural light.

Selfie-Lamp Feature

– 3 Brightness levels: Confidently go anywhere, night clubs, parties, camping etc. With this product, we will never have to worry about photographic lighting. With 3 different brightness levels, you get the perfect brightness necessary for your photos.

– 36 Led Bulbs: Provide additional light or side to take pictures when you have low light conditions. It also helps you get higher quality images and videos when natural light is not available.

– Convenient use. You can attach it anywhere.

– It is designed with anti-slip and anti-scratch foam to prevent the device from dropping and protect your phone from scratches.

– Independent light: It can add light without connecting with smartphones or other devices.

– The base clip can expand up to 16 mm.

– Works independently without connecting to any device.


Self-portrait Lamp Specifications

– Number of LEDs: 36 balls.

– Use AA batteries with a maximum use time of 6 months.

– Color: black, white, pink, green

– Material: plastic

– Size: 8.6cm (L) * 8.4cm (W) * 2.7cm (H).

How To Use Self-Collecting Lamp

– Clip the light to your device.

– Turn on the  Selfie Light Lamp  by pressing the power button on the back of the product and start taking a selfie.


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